Worldwide Ticketing

We are proudly one of the most recognized IATA (International Air Transport Association) Authorized Agent across Pakistan, dealing major airlines and endless destinations worldwide.

Our sales experts strive to make your journey intuitive and enjoyable both in person and remotely.

Here is a brief list of Airlines on our panel.

  • Pakistan International Airline
  • Saudi Arabian Airline
  • Gulf Airway
  • Qatar Airway
  • Kuwait Airway
  • Emirates Airline
  • Etihad Airline
  • Oman Air Way
  • Thai Airway
  • Turkish Airline
  • Air Lanka
  • Uzbek Air Way
  • Heli Air Monaco
  • Han Air
  • China Southren
  • Rak Airway
  • Eritrean Airline
  • Air Blue
  • Shaheen Air Ways
  • Air Arabia
  • Fly Dubai
  • Fly Nas
  • Qantas Airway
  • Swiss International Airline
  • Klm Royal Dutch
  • Royal Brunei

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