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We believe in extending prompt services and tailored packages to our precious clients, fulfilling requirements of travelling groups, business groups and leisure travelers.

Offering timely visa processing services to numerous destinations under the observation of highly efficient staff.

AL-ZOHRA offers In-Country as well as Out-Country tours with complete travel facilities for its clients to enjoy the unimaginable beauty of natural, beautiful and adventurous sites.

We are most pleased to offer you a brief vision of some of the destinations.

Located in the heart of South-East Asia, is a land of fascinating sights and attractions. Rich in colors and contrasts, Its sun-drenched beaches, enchanting islands, diverse flora and fauna, forest retreats and magnificent mountains.
Singapore is the main island with 63 surrounding islets. It has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry. Its strategic location, excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts and tourist attractions contribute to its success.
A paradise of sun, sea, mountains, and lakes that offers the holiday maker a complete change from the anxieties and routine of everyday life. It has a magnificent past, and is a land full of historic treasures covering thirteen civilizations.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located to the west of the Asian continent, bordered by the Red Sea and many other Gulf countries. The MAKKAH province is the heart of the Muslim World similarly MADINAH has also unique position.
Dubai is a city of adventure, contrast, discovery and surprise. An ultramodern city, ultimately dynamic; a shrine to the ebb and flow of capitalism at its best. Dubai's diversity means that visitors can enjoy a whole range of different experiences. From the beautiful undulating desert sands to the bustling downtown areas - the vast unspoiled beaches and the mountains.
The GREAT WALL lies here. Its land drops off in the escarpments eastward to the ocean, letting in humid air currents and leading many rivers eastward. China has a diversity of land formations including mountains, hills, highlands, plains and basins. The highlands and hill regions account for 65 percent of the country's land mass.
Thailand's islands and beaches are working definitions of heaven. Also If you're interested in ruins, temples and deserted cities, this is the place to go. As for urban delights, the huge metropolis of Bangkok tends to so charm visitors with its energy and cultural treasures.
A Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. It is a bustling centre of economic activities and ranks among Asia's major ports, and as a centre of trade, finance, manufacturing, and tourism.
Also called Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient. A colourful collection that reveals its richness and beauty, and the intensity of the affection it evokes in its visitors.
The most populous and arguably the most powerful state in Central Asia with a long and magnificent history. Some of the world's oldest sedentary populations and several of its most ancient cities are located here. It is a country rich in history, culture and scenery with many areas of outstanding natural beauty, until recently unknown except to a few foreigners - A country of "Sun & Hospitality".
A vast equatorial archipelago of 17,000 islands extending 5,150 kilometers east to west, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans in Southeast Asia. The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan "Indonesian Borneo", Sulawesi, and the Indonesian part of New Guinea "known as Papua or Irian Jaya".
Paradise on earth, it is one of the most stunning places in Pakistan with natural scenic exquisiteness that attracts all. In local language, Kashmir is known as "Janat Nazeer" due to its natural scenic gorgeousness.
Swat is a land of magnificent scenic beauty and rich historical past. Its lush green fertile valleys, towering mountains, rushing streams, ice cold lakes, fruit orchards and flower-filled slopes.
Kaghan is the most beautiful and picturesque valley embraced by lower Himalaya hills covered in forests of huge Himalayan pines. One of the country's most popular holiday spots, the area offers best trekking trails, light walks, fishing and family outings to its spectacular lakes and flower filled hill sides.
Gilgit, the land of silk, sits in a wide irrigated bowl guarded by Centurion Mountains. Gilgit's proximity to China at Khunjerab pass makes it a commercial centre for Chinese goods like lustrous silk and spices. Hunza valley is surrounded by huge mountains, eternal snow, lush green orchards; silent streams, rapid rivers and the emerald green meadows.
Queen of Mountains & Natural splendor. Murree is Pakistan's most popular hill station cool in summer and crispy cold in winter. Beautiful verdant mountains overhung by pines and oaks, bubbling with gurgling springs, crisscrossed by rivulets, dotted with sprawling velvet-carpeted lawns and orchards with fruit laden trees, present spectacle of a paradise on earth.

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